Providing Physics Classes for NEET/JEE And All Boards

Are you weak in physics? Searching for a physics teacher? we are providing physics classes. Get admission  and boost your knowledge in  physics to the next level. We provide classes in classroom as well as in student’s homes.

What's Included in This Course

dpp phy

Daily Practice Problem

study mat

Study Materials


Doubt Clearing


Regular Test

Real-time support from expert teachers

We Provide theory and problem-solving classes Most updated and Comprehensive study material.

Also, we provide ultimate personal care, High competitive environment, Regular tests and discussions, Regular attendance information, Complete JEE/NEET patterns assignments, Doubt clearing sessions,  well-defined course – structure.

How This Course Is Helping Others to Boost Their Knowledge In Physics

Aditya Kumar

Shyamal classes have provided us with a very enhanced and efficient platform for exposure to learning and preparation. I am very grateful to the Shyamal classes for providing us with the best learning opportunities.


Think Different, is one thing that Shyamal classes urge in and too far extent succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve what you need. It nourished me and gave me an opportunity to define me.

Rohit kumar

Shyamal classes have always believed in helping and guiding their students and it was no different during the classes. Regular classes held at shyamal classes to help us with our aptitude and learning skills were of great help.


To Boost Your Physics Knowledge Join This Course

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